Family ties. . . an adoption story

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Maybe a reunion in the making?. . .
If you would like to email the information on whom you are searching for, I will gladly post it on my site. That would be the neatest thing to make a connection!

Updated picture of mom and me.
This was taken October 9, 2002

If you have any birthfamily out there, or you are a birthparent seeking, don't give up. Chances are, they are looking for you, or want to look for you. BUT, due to the "Laws" we are not allowed information to our heritage. We need to unite and have our voices heard.

I pray this site encourages you to reach for the stars. Don't give up, press on. YOUR voice might be the one that makes the difference.

Please feel free to contact me over this web site with questions regarding a search, or tips on how to improve it, please click on the link below to send me an email.

God Bless.